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Largest Cave Ever Is in Vietnam – And It Has Its Own Climate

largest cave

The largest cave in the world is located in Vietnam. 9 kilometres long and 80 metres long, Hang Son Doong is home to a varied ecosystem, offering visitors an unparalleled spectacle. Nestled in Phing Nha-Ke Bang National Park in Quang Binh Province on the border with Laos, it is home to wildlife, forests, rivers and beaches.

Discovering the Largest Cave in the World

This incredible cave has a very recent history. In fact, it was a local farmer, Ho Khahn, who discovered it by chance in 1991. It was later explored in 2009 by a group of British speleologists led by Howard Limbert.

Subsequently, other explorers went through the cave to explore its interior. In this way they discovered that it is 2.5 million years old and that it was born thanks to the eroded action of the underground river. It is no coincidence that Hang Son Doong in Vietnamese means “cave of the mountain river“.

Inside Hang Son Doong

This little Vietnamese treasure is well hidden in the forest. To reach it, in fact, you must first cross 6 km of rainforest. As soon as you get there, you will notice a gigantic skylight carved into the rock that lights up the small inland beach with the sun. Continuing inside the cave it seems to live in an unreal world, passing through narrow tunnels and small fords. Here it starts to get dark, so you need to use a torch.

The landscape of Hang Son Doong is evocative because it is unique in its kind. Inside there are also giant trees and orchids that intersect with stalagmites up to 70 meters high. In some places it reaches more than 180 meters, so much so that it could accommodate a skyscraper of 40 floors. In addition to the exceptional scenery, the cave maintains its own microclimate. In fact, it may seem incredible, but it produces clouds, rains and shoals of fog. The animals you can see are monkeys and bats.
It already seems like a crazy environment, yet there may be more to discover. According to many experts, in fact, the landscapes of the cave go beyond the area already discovered.

The discovery of Hang Son Doong is not only of great value for exploration, but also a significant contribution to the local economy. Tourism has become an expanding sector that employs many people throughout the province of Quang Binh. Today, there are many tour operators offering travel packages that offer a unique adventure. If you want to venture into the cave, however, keep in mind that the most suitable months to visit it are those from February to August.

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