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How Going Outdoors – and Loving Nature – Will Save the World

going outdoors

There’s a world out there waiting for us. Today, more than ever, the need for exploration is alive. We are curious, hungry and through the internet we can see places that are on the other side of the world even without leaving home.

Yet, going outdoors is more than just collecting information. We experience perfumes, lights, emotions, tastes and above all meetings.

That’s why sometimes you just have to open the door to let in a bit of news and meet the most authentic aspect of what is out there.

That is, nature. Outdoor activity is everything that takes place outside the home. The ideal is to be immersed in an unspoilt landscape where nature welcomes us as part of it.

What Does Going Outdoors Mean?

In recent years, going outdoors has become an extremely popular activity. The rediscovery of the contact with nature has inspired more and more people and this has allowed us to discover a growing number of sports disciplines. Moreover, in the historical period that found in Greta Thunberg its source of inspiration, rediscovering the beauty of the world that we have threatened for too long is even more important. We have to save the environment to save ourself.

That’s why the result is a simple yet enlightening intuition: outdoor will save the world. This assertion comes from several factors. On the one hand there is a dualism based on the relationship between environmental impact and positive effects on the territory, on the other a more philosophical concept.

Why Outdoor Will Save the World

The first point concerns environmental impact. It therefore refers to the need to make “measurable” the type of influence that each activity has on nature and the debt that, through all our actions, we incur with it. Let’s take as an example hiking, that is one of the main activities of the outdoor world. Trekking represents a valid sustainable model for the development of the third sector. In fact, it allows us to develop a responsible tourism that allows us to seek the beauty in the territory. Such activity is also good for health – both from a physical and a psychological point of view.

Moreover, those who are passionate about this world also develop a kind of respect for the surrounding environment. As a result, nature becomes a source of inspiration and something to protect. We can speak of love in the most authentic sense, and therefore in the sense of protection and safeguarding. Discovering the power of being immersed in uncontaminated landscapes allows us to develop a sense of respect for it.

For this reason, people who practice outdoors will not do anything harmful to the nature that welcomed them. On the contrary, they will develop an attentive sensitivity to issues concerning the territory – from climate change, to breeds in danger of extinction to the various hydrological problems of certain areas.

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