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The Largest Crystal Cave Is in Russia – And It Is Infested with Ghosts

crystal cave

It is a maze of canals over four kilometers long. We are in Russia, in the western Urals. Here is where the Orda Cave, the largest crystal cave in the world, is located. This wonder of nature has remained unknown and unexplored for centuries.

If we can see it today, it is thanks to a group of Russian cave divers. In fact, they made a video that revealed for the first time the depths of this unique chalk crystal cave.

Exploring the Crystal Cave

The Orda Cave is the longest submerged cave in Russia – as well as the second in Eurasia. It is located 100 kilometers from the city of Perm, in the Urals, and the first exploration began in 1992. The missions have followed one another over the years and today have led to an almost complete exploration of the underground tunnels. The last explorations lasted six months. Cave divers have discovered more than 4 kilometers of submerged channels in a system of caves that is more than five kilometers long.

Exploring this cave is not easy. Actually, only expert divers can access it safely. In fact, you have to consider that the water temperature is close to zero, so it is extremely cold. However, it is so crystal clear that you can see for about 165 feet. It is therefore dangerous work, so you need a long physical and mental training. In fact, you have to be able to overcome the cold and the sense of claustrophobia that tunnels can create.

The Reportage of the Cave Divers

Fortunately, someone also thought about the people who can’t access this site. In fact, today non-divers can visit this beautiful cave thanks to the multimedia tour offered by AirPano. This is a non-profit project that aims to make accessible every place in the world with photos and videos at 360 degrees.

The Orda Cave has a sort of forbidden charm, which is also enriched by a legend that characterizes it. It is said that the cave is haunted by a ghost with flowing clothes and long hair that haunts the divers who access it. In 2013 the former freediving champion Natalia Avseenko made this suggestion come true. In fact, she spent two days in the icy waters of Russia with a group of cave divers and photographer Viktor Lyagushkin as a model for an impressive photo shoot.

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