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Super Tuesday 2020 is on the show

Super Tuesday is one of the important moments for Americans: it is a race to decide which Democrat Donald Trump will face in the presidential election.

Super Tuesday
Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday is one of important moment for Americans. Super Tuesday actually a race to decide which Democrat who will face Donald Trump in US presidential election in November. Vote is given by each state. The nominees are Bernie Sanders who is leftwing senator from Vernon.

He had been favourite since his victory in February.

Super Tuesday

Sanders was hoping to fend off Joe Biden, who is his rival in Super Tuesday, and cement his status as indisputable front runner. On the other sides, Joe Biden hope for a string enough showing to make the case that he can pull ahead of Sanders, unite the centrist wing, and eventually win the race.

Before that, there are another candidates. They are Mike Bloomberg. He is the former New York mayor. He has spent much money on his campaign ads. That said, there will be a great deal of pressure on him now to give way and back Biden too. He won his first two elections as mayor of New York as a Republican and he is not a fan of Sanders and his socialist platform, to put it mildly.

Another one is Elizabeth Warren. She could be an ideal candidate to unite liberal and centrist wings of the party on paper. But she has been squeezed out by Sanders on the left, and it’s hard to escape the conclusion that sexism has also played a role. Donald Trump think and put some action by twitter. He shown interest in Democratic race. He tears into Biden and Bloomberg otherwise he is kinder to Sanders.

Democrate will decides nominee depends on how the primaries is going. The primaries continue next week with contests in Michigan, Mississippi and Washington state, among other places.
Until now the Super Tuesday still going on with Joe Biden reclaimed his frontrunner status in Democratic race. He win at least nine og the states including Texas and Massachusetts. However Bernie Sanders was way ahead in California. If we can see the results, it can be the end for Elizabeth Warren. For Bloomberg, he is apparently due to discuss whether to continue with his advisers on Wednesday.

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