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Coroanvirus in the US: deaths can be more than WW2’s victims

Coronavirus, if don't make some approaches, United States death toll can larger than  that of the two world wars combined.

Coroanvirus US
Coroanvirus in the US

The world is having a war against Coronavirus. If don’t make some approaches, US death toll can larger than that of the two world wars combined. Creativity is a must when facing the invisible enemy. US think, this is the time to deploy the full might of the US military – in an unconventional way.

Coroanvirus, US: deaths can be more than WW2

“We should rapidly reassign any military doctors and paramedics that can be spared to serve domestic needs.

Other service members who need specialized skill training can be sent to Coronavirus treatment-and-control bootcamps, where they can be trained to aid nurses, respiratory therapists and maintenance technicians”. This time, the frontliner are healthcare workers. And while they’re fighting valiantly so far, the battle to flatten the curve is leaving them overrun.

“We are not adequately armed. We need beds. We need hospitals. We need ventilators. But the usefulness of those additions hinges on a critical group: our healthcare workers”. To reduce the number of Coronavirus infected or the death toll because of the virus, US think to add medical students and retired doctors to the frontlines. But these groups will fill only a small fraction of the added medical demand as Coronavirus cases peak.

“So, now time to fielded toptier military to dramatically increase our healthcare capacity. They are a dynamic force uniquely positioned to fight this virus, despite it falling outside their traditional scope. Members are trained to handle acute stress, are adaptable and are rapidly deployable. They’re used to being under centralized command and are mentally prepared to be away from their families to protect our country.”

“Our trained service members can be deployed wherever the demand is greatest. They can monitor patients and take vitals. They can staff triage checkpoints at hospital entrances. And they can help manage equipment inventory and disinfection procedures. Further, military pilots and transportation specialists can increase the capacity of our air and ground ambulance services”.

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