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Covid: the pandemic in Latin America is out of control

The situation in Latin America is beginning to be dramatic: the Coronavirus pandemic is totally out of control.

covid latin america

In Latin America, Covid is now totally out of control: the pandemic is growing exponentially. The number of infections has broken through 1.5 million and the death toll is 73,600, of which 40,000 are in Brazil alone.

But the curve doesn’t really want to slow down.

According to data provided by health authorities, in fact, the statistical trend shows mind-boggling numbers: from 40 to 50 thousand infections per day, 1,507,150 cases since March.

And as if that were not enough, the economic crisis caused by the health emergency is also causing concern, which is increasing socio-economic discrepancies compared to other world realities.

Covid in Latin America

The case of Brazil, where more than 100,000 infected people have been found to be infected in just three days, is undoubtedly a concern. The State led by Bolsonaro contributes to the overall budget of Latin America with half of those infected (802,828) and 60% of the dead (40,919). The situation in the other areas is as follows: Peru with 214,788 infected and 6,109 dead, Chile (154,092 and 2,648) and Mexico (129,184 and 15,357).

Six other countries (Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Panama and Bolivia) have more than 10,000 infected and 400 dead. The uncertain present will be followed by a complex future. In fact, beyond the health data, it is also the economic situation of an already complex area of the area.

The economies of these countries are heavily crippled and in recession: with more than 200 million poor people, at the close of 2.6 million businesses, the Coronavirus pandemic in Latin America is making experts fear the prospect of losing a new decade.

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