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Covid in China, new outbreak in Xinjiang: at least 11 cases

Coronavirus in China, Following the discovery of an outbreak in the Xinjiang region the Chinese authorities imposed restrictions on transport.

Coronavirus China new outbreak
Coronavirus in China, new outbreak in Xinjiang

The Covid epidemic persists in China, although in a very reduced form compared to the warmer months: in fact, the discovery of positive cases is not quiet, the last of which in Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang, where the authorities have discovered an outbreak.

There is also concern about the increase in infections in Catalonia, where over a thousand cases have been recorded in 24 hours.

Covid, China: new outbreak in Urumqi

that of Urumqui is a new case of infection after 149 days of absence from the first infections of the virus.. Xinhua reported that at the moment there are 11 people positive to the infection including 8 asymptomatic. The one found would be a domestic outbreak probably originated by a businessman returning from a trip to the eastern province of Zhejiang.

When he returned to the city he swabbed after being contacted by the Center for Disease Control and the test gave a positive result. As a result, a total of 135 people were kept under observation and their contacts were blocked.To avoid widespread spread of the virus the authorities have closed the metro, halved bus services as well as flights arriving and departing from Urumqi.

As happened during the peak of the pandemic, citizens stormed supermarkets to buy essential products. This is because on social networks the rumour had spread that there would be reductions in travel. “We will resolutely cut every channel of transmission. We will increase controls in crowded areas, the management of the network of communities and villages and we will carry out strict controls in hospital clinics” the Xinjiang section of the Communist Party said.

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