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King emeritus of Spain Juan Carlos I settles in the Dominican Republic

Juan Carlos I leaves Spain and temporarily settles in the Dominican Republic, after numerous scandals come to light.

Juan Carlos Spain
juan carlos leaves Spain

The former King of Spain Juan Carlos I is already in the Dominican Republic. Last Monday, August 3, 2020, the Royal House of Spain publicly announced the intention of the King Emeritus to leave Spain, in order to release pressure on his son, Felipe IV, and facilitate the exercise of his functions from “the tranquility and the calm“.

Juan Carlos I of Spain left Spain and establishes in Dominican Republic

As reported by the newspaper La Vanguardia, the king emeritus left the Palacio de la Zarzuela on Sunday and spent the night in Sanxenxo (Pontevedra). During Monday morning, Juan Carlos traveled by car to Porto, where he took a flight to the Dominican Republic, which will be his new residence temporarily.

Currently, the former king is staying in a residence in the Casa de Campo complex (La Romana). Juan Carlos does not intend to settle in the Dominican Republic permanently; it will simply be a temporary destination. The Fanjul, a wealthy family in the Latin American sugar market, will be hosting Juan Carlo during the permanence in the country.

The private life of Juan Carlos I to the light

In the letter to his son Felipe VI before his departure, he explained that the trip corresponds to his “desire to move, at the moment, outside of Spain“; will that is born of “the public repercussion that certain past events of my private life are generating”.

In the middle of July, Switzerland began investigating the King Emeritus for a million dollar transfer from a bank account he had in the country that could hide a “significant donation” from the King of Saudi Arabia, closely related to the High-Speed railway (AVE) to Mecca. A few weeks later, in leaked audios of Corinna Larsen with ex-commissioner Villarejo, the businesswoman confessed that Juan Carlos had “used her as a figurehead” and that the ex-rey charged significant commissions by acting as mediator for Spanish companies in the signing of millionaire contracts.

In the letter, the king did not mention what his final destination will be or what he will do; however, it clarified that it will remain at the disposal of the Supreme Court Prosecutor’s Office.


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