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Iraq, suicide bombers explode in Baghdad: 28 victims and 73 injured

Attack in Baghdad. Kamikaze has blown up in a very crowded street. The toll for the moment is 28 dead and 73 injured.

iraq suicide bomber explode baghdad
iraq suicide bomber explode baghdad

Moments of pure terror in the area of Tayaran Square, in Baghdad, because of an attack. After a long time, a new suicide attack struck the area, with a budget already very serious, but that may even get worse. The area where the suicide bomber blew up was very crowded.

Iraq, suicide bomber explode in Baghdad

After so many years of violence, suicide attacks were very rare in the capital of Iraq and today, 21 January 2021, is the first since June 2019, in which many people died. This morning a suicide bomber suddenly exploded in the centre of Baghdad, in the area of Tayaran Square, particularly frequented.

The news comes directly from local television, while Al Jazeera has made it known that there are several victims. At the moment, 28 people have been reported dead and 73 injured, but this is still provisional data, which could get worse, as reported by army sources.

Unfortunately, the hypothesis is that the number of victims and even the number of injured can soon rise, given that the Iraq Health Ministry has announced that it has already alerted all medical personnel in the capital.

In the next few hours, the official figures could worsen significantly. The attack took place in a particularly crowded street, near Tayaran Square.

For the moment, the terrorist attack has not been claimed and information on it is still limited. It was a long time since something like this happened, despite the many years of violence in the country.


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