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Tragedy in Indonesia: Boeing 737 crashes into the sea

The Boeing 737 carried 62 people: it started from Jakarta and crashed at 10,000 meters in height in the Java Sea.

Indonesia Boeing crashes
Indonesia Boeing crashes

Tragedy in Indonesia where a Boeing 737, Sriwijaya Air Flight SJ182 crashed into the Java Sea after taking off shortly before from Jakarta.According to local media reports, 62 people were travelling on board, including 2 pilots, 4 crew members and 56 passengers, including 3 infants and 7 children.

We are currently not aware of any casualties.

Indonesia, Boeing 737 crashes into the sea

Disastrous accident for Sriwijaya Air Flight SJ182, crashed into the sea after taking off from Jakarta. According to the latest reports nothing more would be known about the plane from 14.40 (local time), just when the plane from the 10,900 initial feet would start to lose altitude falling for 7,650 feet.


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