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Shahzada Dawood had originally been scheduled to travel aboard the Titan, but instead relinquished her spot to her 19-year-old son

She had originally been scheduled to travel aboard the doomed vessel, but instead relinquished her spot to her 19-year-old son. Tragically, the son did not survive the tragedy.

Undated handout photo shows Titan, the submersible that vanished on expedition to the Titanic wreckage. A massive search and rescue operation is under way in the mid Atlantic after a tourist submarine went missing during a dive to Titanic's wreck on Sunday. Contact with the small sub was lost about an hour and 45 minutes into its dive, the US Coast Guard said. Tour firm OceanGate said all options were being explored to rescue the five people onboard. Tickets cost $ 250,000 for an eight-day trip including dives to the wreck at a depth of 3,800m (12,500ft). Photo via ABACAPRESS.COM

The mother of the late teenager who tragically lost his life in the Titan sub incident alongside his billionaire father revealed a heartfelt confession. Christine Dawood disclosed that she originally planned to embark on the fated voyage, but chose to relinquish her place to her son as he had an intense desire to explore the Titanic wreckage.

The Dawood family had initially booked the excursion, but due to unforeseen circumstances caused by the pandemic, they had to cancel. When the opportunity arose with OceanGate Expeditions, Christine made the self-sacrificing decision to allow her son, Suleman, 19, to fulfill his dream.

The family embarked on the Polar Prince, a support vessel for the sub, on Father’s Day with the high hopes of experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime trip. However, devastating news arrived on June 18th, as communication with the submersible, Titan, had been lost. Despite their initial optimism, Mrs. Dawood and her 17-year-old daughter, Alina, remained on the ship after her husband and son had boarded the sub and did not return. Mrs. Dawood revealed that she lost hope after 96 hours had passed since the sub’s departure, indicating that they had run out of oxygen. Her daughter held on, until a conversation with the US Coast Guard last Thursday, when they were informed about debris’ discovery, which they were previously unaware of. The revelation confirmed her worst fears, as it became clear that the sub had experienced an implosion. After the US Navy’s detection of “consistent implosion sounds,” the search and rescue mission continued until debris was found. Initially, the family held out hope, delaying the shock by about ten hours. Mrs. Dawood explained to the BBC: “We all thought they are just going to come up.”

When the time for the submersible to resurface had passed, a sense of worry and unease settled in. Despite the constant hope and the various actions that could be taken to facilitate ascent, the hours that crept by without news of the submersible and its passengers weighed heavily on those waiting above. It was a difficult time for all involved, and despite the initial hope, eventually, Mrs Dawood had to prepare for the worst. Her daughter held out a bit longer before being informed of the tragic news by the US Coast Guard.

According to the same source, UK-based businessman Shahzada and Suleman were two of the five victims of the submersible’s catastrophic implosion, which happened just 1,600ft from the bow of the Titanic. Mrs Dawood had initially planned to join her husband and son on the trip but had to cancel due to the Covid pandemic, leaving them to enjoy the experience together.

In recounting her last moments with her son, Mrs Dawood shared how he was practical and intellectual, never going anywhere without his dear Rubik’s Cube, which he could solve in just 12 seconds. In fact, Suleman was on a mission to set a world record by solving the cube at the greatest depth ever attempted, a feat that he hoped to achieve 3,700 meters below sea level at the Titanic wreck. Mrs Dawood recalled how her son talked about this ambition enthusiastically before he and Shahzada disappeared into the submersible.

Despite the tragedy that befell her family, Mrs Dawood’s recollections of her husband and son’s last moments together are filled with warmth and fondness, painting a picture of two people who were passionate about their dreams and each other. While the situation is undoubtedly tragic, it is clear that the memory of Shahzada and Suleman will live on in the hearts of those who loved them.

Suleman’s incredible 10,000-piece LEGO Titanic project showcased his impressive dedication and skill. Though his attempt at a world record for solving a Rubik’s Cube at the deepest point was unsuccessful, plans were still in motion to film the attempt. In honor of Suleman, his wife and daughter have committed to continuing his legacy and work, pledging to learn how to solve the Rubik’s Cube. Through tears, Suleman’s heartbroken mother expressed her deep sense of loss for her son and husband, as well as the three others who lost their lives aboard the Titan. Despite the tragedy, Suleman’s memory lives on through the dedication of his loved ones.

According to Mrs Dawood, those who remained above water tried to maintain an optimistic outlook, assuring themselves that there were several actions those on the submerged vessel could take to resurface. They remained vigilant, hoping to catch sight of the sub and watch for any signs of progress. Initially, Mrs Dawood and her daughter held onto hope, expecting the return of their loved ones. However, when several hours had passed and they still hadn’t resurfaced, worry and anxiety began to take hold. As the search for the submarine entered its later stages, hope dwindled. Yet, even in the midst of such grim circumstances, Mrs Dawood’s teenage daughter never lost faith that her father and brother would be found alive.

Alina’s mother expressed admiration for her daughter, describing her as an exceptional individual with a keen sense of self-awareness. She holds a strong belief in science, placing her trust in the mechanics and engineering that operate like clockwork on a plane.

Despite the 96-hour mark, Mrs Dawood put in a valiant effort to retain her composure and avoid demonstrating any signs of despair in front of her daughter. Upon learning of the discovery of wreckage from the submarine, the family returned to St John’s in Newfoundland, Canada, with a prayer service held in honor of Shahzada and Suleman to provide some solace.

Paying homage to her beloved son, Christine revealed that he had a deep affection for his father and was also very attached to her. The overall tone should be professional and objective, reflecting the gravity of the situation.

During an interview with BBC, Mrs. Dawood shared the last moments the family spent together before the tragic plane crash. Rather than sharing poignant last words, she fondly recollected how her husband and son were brimming with excitement for the upcoming flight. Their childlike enthusiasm was infectious, and their laughter and playfulness filled the air.

Mrs. Dawood took a trip down memory lane and recounted how she met her husband while studying at university, even though she couldn’t speak English at the time. Her husband’s love for history was evident, and his knowledge about her native Germany surprised her. He was passionate about documentaries and often gathered the family to watch David Attenborough’s shows, which the children thoroughly enjoyed.

His passion for history was contagious and rubbed off on Mrs. Dawood as well. She recalled how he was able to motivate and inspire others through his knowledge and enthusiasm. Despite the tragic end, it’s these memories that will remain with Mrs. Dawood and keep her husband and son alive in her heart.

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