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Covid, ‘Skynews’ video reveals there were live bats in Wuhan lab

There were live bats in the Wuhan laboratory. This was revealed by a video released by Skynews Australia which showed images dated May 2017.

Did covid-19 really escape from a Wuhan lab? A video released by Skynews Australia reveals that the Wuhan Institute of Virology has been keeping live bats in cages. According to reports, the video dates back to May 2017, a time when the Chinese Academy of Sciences launched its biosafety lab.

This hypothesis was also denied by the Wuhan institute itself so much so that it was later described as “conspiratorial“. “I don’t know how it came to this, to constantly throw rubbish at innocent scientists,’ said Shi Zhengli, number 2 of the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Live bats Wuhan lab denies allegations

However, in spite of the images released by Skynews Australia, which unequivocally show the presence of live bats in cages, Shi Zhengli, the number 2 of the Wuhan virology institute, gave an interview to the New York Times newspaper in which he flatly rejected the hypothesis that the virus may have escaped from the laboratory.

A recent investigation by the World Health Organisation sought to shed further light on what may have happened and what may have triggered the covid pandemic. According to the report, the covid was transmitted from the bat to humans via another animal, making an escape scenario unlikely. However, the scientists pointed out that it was not easy to access the raw data during the investigation.

Live bats in Wuhan lab, Fauci: ‘We should investigate what happened in China’.

Already a few weeks ago, on 26 May 2021, White House adviser Anthony Fauci highlighted how important it is to investigate what might have triggered the pandemic. “We should investigate what happened in China. Certainly the people who are investigating say the emergency stems from an animal that infected individuals, but it could have been something else.”

Live bats in Wuhan lab, Biden: ‘Pressure for China to participate in full investigation’

US President Joe Biden was no less adamant about a willingness to pursue the investigation. In a speech also made on 26 May 2021, Biden said: “The US will continue to work with partners around the world to pressure China to participate in a full, transparent, evidence-based investigation and allow access to relevant data and evidence to all.

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