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Apple Daily Hong Kong shut down

Apple Daily Taiwan said it was a financially self-supporting subsidiary.

Apple Daily shut down

Apple Daily is Hong Kong’s largest pro-democracy newspaper. Its media will shut down online at midnight Wednesday and on Thursday for print. It is a movement that observers scared of as signs of the death for press freedom in the country.

Apple Daily Hong Kong shut down

Jimmy Lai, the paper and its activist founder had become figures of the pro-democracy movement and also a spine inside Hong Kong’s government and police. It made him a top target in the government’s attempts to extinguish Hong Kong’s media.

Last week, National security police stormed its offices. It was a part of a crackdown including the freezing of its assets and accounts, disabling the company and guaranteeing its passing.

Apple Daily concerned about staff safety

The 26-year-old management made a statement on Wednesday afternoon concerned about staff safety and numbers were behind the decision to shut soon. “Apple Daily gratitude its readers, subscribers, advertisers and Hongkongers for their love and support in the past 26 years. Farewell and take care,” the publication mentioned.

Police arrested Apple Daily executives

Police arrested five executives, including Ryan Law an editor-in-chief, and Cheung Kim-hung as the chief executive. They were later accused of colluding with foreign or external forces to threaten national security. A chief opinion writer was caught under the national security law.

However, Apple Daily Taiwan said it was a financially self-supporting subsidiary. So, its operations and staff of around 500 were untouched by the closure.

Hongkong people had gathered at newsstands following last week’s invasion. They are buying more than five times the usual the number of copies in support of the paper. However, the city’s security chief warns citizens and the industry at large should stay away from themselves.

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