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Husqvarna employees write an open letter to Tony Cairoli

As you know Pierer Industries AG announced that they will they be transferring the production of Husqvarna to Mattighofen, Austria (where KTM is base) and will form with Husaberg a new company called “Husqvarna Sportmotorcyle GmbH.
” Transferring Husvarna from Italy to Austria will cost the jobs of 240 workers, who will be layed off, and this is without counting at least 200 other supply companies, always in Italy, that will be effected by the shut down of the Biandronno plant on August 1st.

The 240 employees of Husqvarna are anxiously waiting to hear the outcome of the meeting that the Ministry of Economic Development is holding with the new owner today, after briefly occupying in protest the company offices a few weeks ago, and after hearing that MV Agusta, who used to own the brand up to 2007 was interested in purchasing the company from BMW, who instead opted for the Austrian company.

The workers are at their wits’ end and wrote this open letter addressed to KTM rider and six-time world MX champion (three times with KTM) Tony Cairoli, that was read during TV show Piazza Pulita the other evening:We are the 240 workers of Husqvarna Motorcycles, that same company that with extreme violence has taken our dignity away from us.

We know that you know our brand; we share the same Italian pride and passion that for years was the driving effort behind our engines, and we want to make you part of our history.
In May, at the beginning of the production season ANY NORMAL COMPANY THAT INVESTS AND BELIEVES IN THE FUTURE should have have had all their resources and departments actively working, instead we 240 workers of this company that for years was the beating heart of Italian production that sold motorcycles all over the world, unfortunately found itself in the hands of the KTM Group and WAITING TO BE PUT ON EXTRAORDINARY REDUNDACY FUNDING BECAUSE THE COMPANY IS CLOSING DOWN, AND THIS WILL BE PAID FOR BY THE ITALIAN GOVERNMENT.
Many of us are root for you: BECAUSE A HEART AND TRUE ONE, IS ITALIAN! We think of you as one of us, in addition to respecting you as a person and as CHAMPION, YOUR TALENT has brought success to KTM!We would like to know with which criteria that such things can happen.
We can only helplessly observe the construction of this empire managed exclusively by KTM, which has no respect for anything or anyone, moves and uses people like chess pieces to whatever their liking.
When this deplorable behaviour will reach the motocross tracks, what kind of consideration will they have for true talent like yours?!After investing for years in this company, giving our hearts and souls, we don’t deserve this type of treatment without having any possibility.
We were kept in the dark and were only told when the decisions had already been made.
We 240 PEOPLE will be left without a job by the KTM Group that is cannabalizing and looting the brand taking the production to Austria or who knows where, leaving people facing daily problems and expenses and won’t even have €5 to give to their sons to get gas for that same motorcycle that was behind your success … but first off your dreams.
HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?!Wishing you every success and our respect.
240 PEOPLEWhen Yamaha workers appealed to Valentino Rossi along the same lines back in 2009, the MotoGP rider did not reply, but Cairoli on the other hand did via his Twitter account, even if the rider obviously has no say in KTM’s industrial and commercial decisions.
Here’s what Cairoli wrote:Hello guys,I just heard on Piazza Pulita on LA7, your “open letter” addressed to me and I am honored that you sent this appeal to me.
I come from a land where work has always been scarce and therefore I understand your thoughts and your state of mind, which is that of many of my fellow countrymen and many of our countrymen throughout Italy.
That said, I’m an athlete by profession, I’m a rider and I find it really difficult to comment on the dynamics of Pierer Industries and Husqvarna, I don’t know the details.
I hope that this situation will have a positive outcome and I’d like to thank you for your appreciation.

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