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Bill Gates invests in two-stroke engines

Microsoft head Bill Gates has invested a whopping $23.
5 million US in engine producer EcoMotors International.
The company is a start-up company who is working on research and development of environmentally-friendly engine technology.
One of EcoMotors main projects is the OPOC twostroke engine.

OPOC stands for Opposed Piston and Opposed Cylinder, and it has two cylinders and four pistons.

Higher engine speeds have been produced through using outboard pistons in the place of cylinder heads, with each piston travelling half the distance needed to complete a full stroke.

There is even an electronic turbocharger with overboost system.
It seems that Bill Gates has been investing in various alternative energy companies, although this particular investment is a curious choice.
The money will be used to complete engineering and testing on the OPOC and who knows, maybe we’ll see this in a motorcycle design sometime soon.

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