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Harley-Davidson water cooled patent

The Americans are excited – a new HarleyDavidson patent which has emerged shows that the company is working on a new liquid-cooling system for a V-Twin engine.
According to reports, the main purpose behind the watercooled plant seems to be to hide the cooling system in the leg shield part of the fairing, thus removing the unattractive exposed parts of a liquid cooling system.

As A&R says, the watercooled V Twin design is an elegant solution, and over on the Kneeslider they have a nice simple description of how it works, saying:The cooling system, consists of 2 radiators, fans and hoses hidden within the fairing.

A water pump is centrally located at the bottom front center of the frame.
The water passages within the heads are rather basic, a simple loop that carries the coolant more or less along the exhaust passages and wraps back around the valves before returning to the radiator.
What’s more, the patent is not limited to just one invention for one model, and if this works for HarleyDavidson, we could see a much-needed refresh of the motorcycle range.

HarleyDavidson watercooled V-Twin patent

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