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Alfa Romeo 8C: De Meo opens up about the GTA

This is a birthday presented signed with three simple words: Gran Turismo Alleggerita.
It’s a birthday card dedicated to all the “alfisti” (alfa fans), written by Luca De Meo, general manager of Alfa Romeo.
The words are the following: it’s possible to create a GTA version of the 8C.

It’s still early to open the present yet though, we’ll have to wait and see the “if” and “when” we can.
During an interview with AutoTelegraff, the manager revealed the desire to offer a lighter and more powerful version of the splendid coupé; the final decision, however, is yet to be formalised, even if there is already an idea that 100 units would be produced for a limited series.

Dear Marchionne, just once, let yourself by guided by heart flutterings…! Unfortunately De Meo, after confirming the 8C Spider for 2009, didn’t put the cherry on the cake with any news about the MiTo GTA.

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