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Italian automobile design

BEspoke luxury show: cars on display

25 April, 2020
At the BEspoke luxury show in Milan, we got the opportunity to check out some luxury cars, and there were plenty of unique examples to see, and we’re not just talking about the price. The first off the rank was…

Edo Competition reinterprets the Gallardo Superleggera

23 April, 2020
After the Murciélago LP640, Edo Competition has returned to Lamborghini, falling intoa very unusual version of the Gallardo Superleggera, which has become the swan song for this model’s restyling.Thanks to some changes in the air-box and catalyser, in addition to…

Guangzhou Auto Show: Chery M14CC with Pininfarina design

11 April, 2020
At the Chinese Guangzhou motor show, the new Chery M14CC debuted. This is quite an attractive coupè cabriolet, with an unusual style for the Chinese market, that was designed by Italian motorcar design house, Pininfarina.The Pininfarina cabriolet features a metal…

Italia vintage cars: the Lamborghini factory in 1968

3 April, 2020
Italian workmanship in the car industry is renowned the world over, and here is a video of what the Lamborghini factory was like in 1968. The stars of Lamborghini vintage production in those days were the Miura, Islero and Espada.…

Motor Show Bologna 2008: Ferrari 430 Scuderia Spider 16M

30 March, 2020
The best in Italian car design is epitomised by one of Italy’s national icons, Ferrari. The brand is not in everyone’s budget, but it is loved by all for its sophistication, its historical significance in Italy and its uncompromising beauty.Here…

Ferrari FF: new Ferrari design for the next generation

28 March, 2020
A Ferrari hatchback? That’s what you could be thinking on seeing this new Ferrari FF which recently had its world premiere at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. The model is called a shooting brake and is Ferrari’s first four-seater, boot-space…

Italian car design: the new Alfa Romeo Giulietta video

23 March, 2020
This video of Alfa Romeo’s new car, the Giulietta hatchback which replaces the Alfa 147, shows all the classic, sexy pedigree of the Italian brand. This year Alfa Romeo celebrates 100 years and the new Giulietta is hopefully going to…

Maserati GranTurismo: sex on wheels (literally!)

17 March, 2020
We picked up on this review of the luxury Italian motorcar - the Maserati GranTurismo S 2009. And it’s sleek, agressive, sexy and powerful. Charming, for a serious sports car.Apparently though, according to a study by Hiscox, the sound of…

Alfa Romeo 8C: De Meo opens up about the GTA

15 March, 2020
This is a birthday presented signed with three simple words: Gran Turismo Alleggerita. It’s a birthday card dedicated to all the “alfisti” (alfa fans), written by Luca De Meo, general manager of Alfa Romeo. The words are the following: it’s…