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Fiat vintage cars exhibition celebrates invention of combustion engine

The Alfa Romeo museum is hosting the Fiat exhibition on Italian vintage cars in Pietrasanta, Tuscany, in a car event dedicated to the history of Italian automobiles and Italian motoring.
The location of Pietrasanta has been a key choice for the Fiat exhibition, as it was here that the world’s first combustion engine was invented by Italian inventor Padre Eugenio Barsanti.

The exhibition includes 30 painted works by Enrico Ghinato along with some historic model cars, including a Ferrari 275 GTB/4 from 1966, a Fiat V8 from 1954, a Lancia Stratos Pirelli from 1975, a 1955 Giulietta Spider and a 1951 Gran Premio Alfa Romeo 159.

For more information, see the Pietrasanta Council site.

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