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Icon motorcycle clothing video

Icon is a motorcycle clothing and accessories company with an edgy, clever way of presenting itself.
That’s a very boring introduction to a company with such street-smart, savvy marketing but that is probably the closest we can get to a standard definition.

Icon makes motorcycle-specific jackets, helmets, pants, gloves and footwear, and has a lifestyle clothing range as well.

If you want a jacket with a big fat Suzuki ‘S’ on it, they’ve got one.
If you want something with studs and a skull and crossbones, they’ve got that too (called ‘Victory Metal God’).

And if you’re a girl, they’ve got some fantastic women’s motorcycle gear meaning you can make as much of a statement as your riding partner.
With a blog, and Twitter, MySpace and Facebook pages, Icon knows what they’re doing when it comes to marketing and social media.
Check out this Icon video episode from the Slabtown Chronicles, showing that they’re way more than just a gear manufacturing company.
Icon is more like a media machine with a motorcycle focus, and we like what we see.

The animated video is violent but kind of ironic, too.
See it after the jump and check out the Icon website for more info on the company.

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