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More KTM Freeride pics and video from Freeride website

Here are more pics of the KTM Freeride electric urban trial bikes, and a very funky video after the jump to prove just where this bike is headed.
If you had any doubts on the niche market KTM is creating for yourself, you’ve got to check out the Freeride website, and gallery pics.

While KTM is, and always has been, committed to offroad motorcycles and sport, it says of its new Freeride bikes:Freeride also stands for the end of motorcycles fleeing the city and the accepted return of sporting motorcycle events in urban areas.

What’s more the zero emissions factor is essential in this new bike.
KTM says:In order to give the sport more room and create new possibilities, there is no better solution than the zero emission motorcycle from KTM….
This is a motorcycle that is extremely light, sporty and powerful, and with its electric motor, it is now also an emission- and noise free form of mobility.
With this development it is even possible to bring offroad sport very close to densely populated areas, to establish new parks and riding opportunities in areas where until now it has been unthinkable.

And when the use of this sports machine moves closer to home, this can also be through the activities of a new target group.
The KTM Freeride bikes have been developed with the Austrian Institute of Technology and are being presented at the 2010 Tokyo Motor Show (an interesting and ambitious choice for launch).
They have been built with KTM’s worldwide patent for a new battery drive unit and weigh less than 100 kg.
KTM is comparing this to a near 1:1 ratio on a standard 125 cc bike.
While still in prototype stage, the KTM Freeride bikes that will be on display at Tokyo are nearly series-ready, and it is expected that the Freeride production motorcycle will be ready for sale 18 months later.
KTM is confident in the potential of this project and their sporting ambition is not to be underestimated – I can foresee a Red Bull KTM urban trial championship in the works.
See below for the technical details and go to the Freeride press kit for more information.
Vehicle ConceptFrame: Lightweight Delta Box frame with forged aluminium componentsSelf supporting tail in monocoque designSuspension: Up-side-down fork and shock absorber with variable settingProgressive damping systemTyres: 21” Trial Enduro tiresBrake system: Hydraulic brake system with hand operation for the front and rear wheelRadial brake system with recuperation support through brake energyEngine case: Combined drive casing in light metal design and all inclusive system integrationDrive motor: Permanent energized synchronous motor in shrunk-on-disc constructionEngine: Modular high performance power module management with integrated system and “Drive by Wire” security managementTransmission: Direct drive without clutch with gear transmission and chainTraction battery: Plug in battery in li-ion (lithium-ion) technologyTechnical DataMotor effective horsepower 7.
4 kW (10 hp) / 6,000 Umin-1Motor peak performance 22 kW (30 hp) / 6,000 Umin-1Motor torque 43 Nm / 500 Umin-1Maximum motor speed 6,600 Umin-1Maximum battery voltage 300 VMaximum energy content 2.
5 kWhSpeed 70 Km/hOverall multiplication factor 10.
5 (2.
4 / 4.
5)(Primary / secondary level (2.
4 / 4.
5)Charging time 1.
5 hTotal vehicle weight 90 kg including removable traction battery

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