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Infiniti Q50: official teaser video

Infiniti revealed the first official teaser video featuring the new Q50, luxury saloon which, together with compatriot 2014 Lexus IS, will declare war on the leadership of BMW 3 Series.
The car will replace the old G model and will introduce totally new stylistic concepts, which will be renewing the current design of the Japanese brand.

The new Q50 will be officially unveiled at the 2013 Detroit Motor Show that will take place in a few days.
It’s worth mentioning that the new Q50 will be powered by new engines produced by Mercedes, as part of the recent partnership agreement signed between the German manufacturer and Infiniti.

At a later stage the Q50 will be providing the base for the future Q60 coupé, and will be marketed as a rival to the long-awaited BMW 4 Series: the two sports cars will be sharing sports focused stance and the use of rear-wheel drive.

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