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Shark helmets among the best for safety after Sharp Test

Shark helmets are still some of the best on the market, gaining excellent results in the Sharp Test in the UK.
Among the best Shark helmets in the test was the RSX, earning five stars, and the S650 with four stars.

Shark models from across the range were also tested, with an average of four stars for the entire offering.

In a display of modern innovation, Shark was the first company to develop a helmet that could be opened such that it can be used both as a full face and as a jet helmet.

Evoline is a good example of this, and it gained four stars in the safety test.
After the jump you will find the full results from the test across the Shark range.
Sharp Test ranking for Shark– RSR2: 5 stars- RSX: 5 stars (in the photo is the RSX Jay Mat SKX at a cost of 470 euros)- RSI: 4 stars- RSF: 4 stars- S800: 4 stars- S650: 4 stars (in the photo the S 650 Prec KSA at 210 euros)- S500 AIR: 4 stars- EVOLINE: 4 stars- OPENLINE: 3 starsShark plans to display these results across its retail network to highlight its commitment to high quality and safety standards.

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