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Wayne, Remy and Luca Gardner Interview

Here’s an interesting interview with 1987 World Champion Wayne Gardner on Thursday Night Live.
The Australian champion talks about the current MotoGP championship, how tough it was breaking into racing, Casey Stoner and Ducati and also introduces his two sons.
Gardner’s two sons Remy (12) and Luca (10) are dirt trackers and have already competed in several Australian Junior Dirt Track championships and Remy was selected to represent Australia at the Honda NSF100 Cup European Final in Albacete, Spain on 22-24 October and he’ll also be racing against Luca Marini, Valentino Rossi’s half brother, who competes in the Italian NSF100 Championship.

So check out the other video after the jump of dad Wayne instructing his two kids (Remy with #46 and Luca on the #88) before they hit the Marulan Driver Training Centre in New South Wales.

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