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Bernhard Gobmeier: more evolution than revolution

Bernhard Gobmeier was officially presented to the public during this week’s Wrooom event, but new Ducati Corse Department manager has already some clear ideas on which direction to take in trying to make the Desmosedici a winning machine again, but fans shouldn’t expect a ‘revolution’ because as the German manager put it during his interview this morning, it will be an ‘evolution’, and a medium to a long term one at that.

“We have to work on all aspects of our bike.
There will be no revolutions, as they can destroy both the good and bad things.
It will be an evolution.
”Nicky Hayden already revealed that their will be no big changes to the team’s machine, which is basically a GP12 base machine under 2013 fairings, and we know that team will be at the Sepang test with a rash of discarded parts to test all over again to see if their is something to salvaged which Gobmeier believes wasn’t used to it fullest potential, before introducing other parts which the team already has plans for (chassis, electronics and engine), but they won’t be implemented until they are thourougly tested, and this is a further indication of how Audi’s teutonic influence will make the Italian company a little less ‘casinista’ and more methodical in its step-by-step approach.

For those of you who are worried about the Germans taking away the true Italian soul of Ducati’s GP bikes (some were already worried not seeing even a hint of the Italian Tricolore on the GP13 fairings) Gobmeier reassured fans, “There is no reason to change an engine that works and is part of Ducati’s history.
As long as the rules allow it, we’ll remain with the same Desmodromic configuration.
And the bike should be rideable for everyone.
It should not just be a motorcycle that Casey Stoner can win on.
We will not copy a Yamaha, and will stick with the Ducati philosophy.
” Despite having taken Filippo Preziosi’s place in the Corse deparment, Gobmeier has no problem consulting with the Italian engineer who now leads production R&D, “Of course we will use his experience.
We are in contact and we both want Ducati to win.
His new role will also provide a channel of communication between the Racing Department and Production.
In addition to Filippo, I must say that there are other great engineers within Ducati that have great ideas as well.
Regarding my ideas, I prefer to talk with them first, and will then tell you.
”We won’t be expecting much from the four Ducati riders in the first Sepang test, but we should see some improvement at the second Sepang test after Ducati heads to Jerez between the two official tests with Franco Battaini and Michele Pirro to work on feedback.

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