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Fiat 500 TwinAir test drive

We’re convinced that Fiat models might not be luxurious, but that they’ve got access to some fantastic engine technology.
The Fiat 500 was the perfect car on which Fiat could try out its new twin-cylinder engine – a citycar that needed a smaller engine with good fuel consumption and no pretensions to becoming a track god.

The 500 TwinAir still has 85 hp which is an impressive figure for such a diminutive model.
As this Autocar test drive reveals, if you accept that this Fiat 500 hasn’t been made for high-speed chases, you’ll actually find it highly entertaining and fun to drive, especially if you’re looking for an urban commute that will save you some money on fuel.

They say that Fiat’s claimed fuel consumption is actually well below what it in fact has, but it is still an economic model.
They reckon the extra money for the TwinAir compared to the 1.
2 model is worth it, although there would be many who would disagree.
The upshot is, though, that Fiat has invested in improving petrol engine technology and could have a produced a little winner in the meantime.

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