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Moto2: Giacomo Agostini Racing Team?

The well informed Italian website Motosprint is reporting that motorcycle racing legend Giacomo Agostini is thinking of entering a team in the new Moto2 series.
The project if it goes through would see the involvement of number of high profile people including Claudio Castiglioni, chairman of MV Augusta and Cagiva and the bike could actually be branded Cagiva, with Simone Corsi as the rider.

There are a couple of problems facing the team, besides the always hard task of finding a budget of at least 2.
5 million euros to run in the championship.
Dorna and FIM have already announced the Moto2 entry list with 23 teams already accepted and several reserve teams, but the team has contacted Carmelo Ezpeleta to see if there could be a place for them, and the Spanish CEO could make an exception, considering that more than one team may withdraw from the series even before competing in a single race.

The bike would be devolped by Giulio Bernardelle who after leaving MotoGP (Honda Konica Minolta) founded his own engineering company In-Motion, while Castiglioni from the CRC (Centro Ricerche Cagiva) in San Marino or at the Schiranna (Varese) headquarters would work on production.

This poses another problem because Cagiva is part of the MV Agusta group who is owned by Harley Davidson, that just last month announced that they were divesting themselves of the group (along stopping production of Buell motorcycles) so obviously they’re not interesting in further investments and according to the Italians unless they find a buyer soon it would be difficult to use the famous Cagiva brand.

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