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Dougie Lampkin does Infiniti Red Bull Formula 1 HQ

After his foray into Goodwood’s Festival of Speed and tearing up Lord March’s party, Dougie Lampkin was up to his old tricks once again.
This time the twelve times FIM Trial World Champion was invited to visit Infiniti Red Bull Racing’s Milton Keynes headquarters, and he used his Gas Gas bike and the facilities as another of his playgrounds.

You’ll see Lampkin not leave a single spot untouched by his two wheels, while riding in the team’s offices, canteen, workshops, and even in and out of their autoclave oven and then jumping over Sebastian Vettel’s Formula 1 car, to the horror of onlookers.

“My time as a Red Bull athlete has been a long and varied one and with some incredible moments, with the recent visit to Red Bull Racing being amongst one of my highlights.
It’s not everyday you get a call to say ‘how about coming and riding your bike around our F1 factory’, so apart from finding a suitable date the answer was an immediate and very loud yes! I have been lucky enough to perform at the team’s championship winning party in more recent years, and I also had the chance to visit the factory, although only on foot late in 2012.

However the plan for this latest project started when I took the unexpected chance to visit the team whilst they were testing in Barcelona earlier this season when I just happened to be at the Gas Gas factory at the same time.
Whilst I was at the test I was lucky enough to meet Mark Webber and many of the team.
Although I knew Mark was a big bike fan with him having visited the TT, I didn’t realise just how much he likes trials too.
It was a shame that Mark’s schedule didn’t allow him to be at the factory the day we filmed, as I would have loved to have jumped over him as well as his car!” said Lampkin.

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