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Mercedes E 63 AMG Station Wagon render

Here’s a rendering of the Mercedes E 63 AMG Station Wagon, giving us an idea of what the final product might look like.
The guys at Motorendering have designed this image of the sports model station wagon.
The E 63 Station is going to be more than just your average family wagon, though the engine choice won’t be anything over-the-top.

It will be equipped with a 6.
2-litre V8 AMG at 525 hp and 630 Nm, which is more than enough to get the kids to school and enjoy the drive while you’re at it.
The new Speedshift MCT transmission will be used, featuring seven speeds and steering wheel paddle.

The wet multidisc clutch present on the SL63 will be included, with the four modes: Controlled Efficiency, Sport, Sport Plus and Manual.
Throttle-blipping and AMG Drive Unit will be part of the package.
Chassis and suspension modifications will be essential, with a new drive train and active shock electronics called AMG Ride Control.
The driver will be able to choose manually between Comfort, Sport and Sport Plus options.
New cooling system and more precise steering are a focus, while the brakes consist of four perforated discs with the front in composite materials.

AMG Performance Studio has also thrown in a Performance Package with ultra-light 19-inch wheels, stiff suspension, autobloc rear differential and carbon fibre features.

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