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Don't Mess With the Ladies

Six women from Dubai’s Department of Protective Security and Emergency have been chosen to form the Gulf region’s first all-woman quick response team.
They have been hand-picked to act as bodyguards to heads of state, ministers, top officials and their families, particularly women.

They are specially military-trained in counter-terrorism, 9mm marksmanship and anti-riot control.

They use Suzuki GSX-R1000’s for patrol bikes as well as the standard Yamaha 1200’s with panniers, horns and lights.
Part of the training involves two female cops riding on one bike.

While one drives the bike, the other keeps an eye out for emergencies.
The first all-women quick response team is the brainchild of Brigadier Mohammad Eid Al Mansouri, Director of the General Department of Protective Security and Emergency Department of Dubai Police.
“They are the pioneers – the first such team in our department.
Their job is to protect VIPs in Dubai.
We are proud of this well-trained female team that can be assembled at a short notice to protect female VIPs round-the-clock.
They work hand-in-hand with their male counterparts.
” Source Oliepeil

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