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Corvette C7 6.2-litre V8 LT1: new details revealed

Corvette C7 will adopt a brand new V8 6.
2-litre engine, named LT1 belonging to the Small Block family, which is now proposed in its fifth generation.
The first version of the V8 will produce 455 hp and 610 Nm, 19 horsepower and 35 Nm more than the old 6.

2-litre LS3 engine.
General Motors engineers have been able to perfectly combine high-performance with fuel efficiency: the C7 can reach 96 mph in less than 4 seconds (no ‘standard’ Corvette is faster) and its fuel consumption is 31.

4 mpg, whereas emissions have been reduced up to 25%.
The LT1 has been developed with more than 6 million hours of analysis to ensure a more homogeneous distribution of torque, especially at low revs: below 4.
000 rpm the engine is much stronger than the supercharged V8 7.
0-litre LS7 fitted on the Corvette Z06.
The new V8 employs direct injection, variable valve timing, 11.
5:1 compression ratio and smart Active Fuel Management technology, which halts the four cylinders when not needed.
General Motors did not reveal the overall weight, but the LT1 will be 40 lb lighter than the BMW twin-turbo 4.
4-litre, in order to enable the C7 with an ideal weight distribution (50:50).

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