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Lambretta Consortium and Lambretta trademark battle continues

25 April, 2020
After the news that the Lambretta Consortium was suing companies for the misuse of the Lambretta brand, it turns out that there is more behind the story. Claiming defamation (and they’re probably right), are the companies specifically mentioned in the…

Lambretta LN 2011: pictures and general info

20 April, 2020
Back to Lambretta origins seemed the theme from the company at the 2010 EICMA as in years gone by we’ve seen some hit-and-miss stuff from this historic Italian brand (specifically the Lambretta Pato who’s campaign to compete with 1950’s and…

A "wolf in sheep's clothing": the fastest Lambretta around

16 April, 2020
Italy’s Lambretta scooter shows its neverending fascination and charm, and takes on a new look in this sports version from the guys at 100mph Lambretta Club. This scooter is small, but hard core!The Lambretta prototype has been designed to become…

Lambretta 125N live at EIMCA

10 April, 2020
Seeing an old Lambretta always has a certain effect, though this is the modern Lambretta 125N in old-style design produced by the Pato brand. It was seen at the EICMA show this week.Lambretta Pato 125N Eicma 2009

Lambretta Pato 50

6 April, 2020
The Lambretta Pato 50, was presented at the Eicma show in Milan recently and is the smallest of the Lambretta series. It’s equipped with a four stroke, air cooled engine and is available in the standard colours of white, black,…

The official limited Lambretta scooter helmets

5 April, 2020
Belive it or not, the Vespa vs Lambretta scooter debate still comes up once in awhile in Italy and we won’t even try to grasp it, but if you’re a Lambretta lover, Heritage Helmets has some pretty wonderful vintage looking…

Lambretta vs Vespa – the rivalry continues (w/video)

4 April, 2020
Scooter marques Vespa and Lambretta have been virtually tied together for over a half a century and so has the marketing rivalry between two iconic Italian scooters, and playing on this rivalry is this latest commercial that an ad agency…

Yambretta RD 350: Lambretta gets a new engine

2 April, 2020
It’s hard to know at first what this strange machine is, but on the blog from Ottonero, this is apparently a Lambretta equipped with a Yamaha RD350 engine.It’s an uncommon special bike, this one. After the jump we give you…

Brands Lambretta sues fake products

29 March, 2020
Lambretta has started an international campaign against fake copies of its iconic scooters. The Lambretta Consorzio group has launched its campaign against non-original LN125 and LS125 scooters using the Lambretta name. What’s more, this isn’t just some fluffy effort at…

2011 EICMA: Lambretta LN125 and LN151

28 March, 2020
Alongside with Vespa, Lambretta is the most famous scooter brand in the world. The company begun producing its signature scooter model back in 1947, becoming an icon of the 50s and 60s in Italy and abroad. After an almost 40-years…

Lambretta Pato italian commercial

22 March, 2020
We have found on Youtube the Lambretta Pato italian commercial. The blond girl is Valeria Marini.Blogdolcevita has found an Lambretta 150 Special commercial. From “Carosello” Gigliola Cinquetti perform “Sooner or later you will call”.From ‘60 an old commercial called “Carosello”…