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Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce RR4: official drawings

19 April, 2020
Rolls Royce has released the first official drafts of the RR4, the new model designed to become the access point for the world to the “spirit of ecstacy”, and expected to generate important sales internationally. Until now we had glimpsed…

Rolls Royce gets loungeroom in Abu Dhabi

12 April, 2020
It would be easy to confuse this Rolls Royce Abu Dhabi dealership for a luxury hotel lobby or loungeroom. The new Rolls showroom in Abu Dhabi is the biggest for the brand in the world, measuring 900 m2. It holds…

Bmw M1: already set for production

10 April, 2020
The English over at CAR seem convinced that the BMW concept with central engine, the M1 Hommage will be produced. “We have the necessary know-how, the right engines and the appropriate infrastructure to manufacture a car of this type,” Herbert…

Which cars pollute the most? Here are the Top Ten

4 April, 2020
Just out of curiousity: which cars pollute the most? Here, we list the Top Ten greatest producers of CO2 in the world. The winner is the Bugatti Veyron, but also Bentley made sure not to miss out, with its products…