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A guide to free website building

1. Design your website
© Bruce Shippee (Fotolia) house hunting
© Bruce Shippee (Fotolia)

The first thing you’ll need to know is what you want your website to look like, which will mean you need to design your own website. Only you can do this because you’ll have the idea of how you want it to turn out. You need to think about colours and fonts. Keep the style connected to your business
2. Get the web design software
© Angelika Bentin (Fotolia) Chatten
© Angelika Bentin (Fotolia)

Before you can make your own website, you’ll need the programs. Downloading content management systems, such as Joomla or Wordpress, will mean you can build your website without the need of web builders.
3. Play with the tools
© Scott Maxwell (Fotolia) Email
© Scott Maxwell (Fotolia)

Before you build your own web page, play around with the tools to build a site in the way you want it to be portrayed. Discover the function of each tool and how it will make your own web page look.
4. Consider a web developer
© ©aius (Flickr) New Site Design
© ©aius (Flickr)

If you’re struggling while using the software or you don’t have time to create your own website, you’ll need to consider finding a web developer and buying a web page. While this will cost you money, it could mean your website is up and running sooner rather than later.
5. Find a hosting site
© adria.richards (Flickr) Rochenhost
© adria.richards (Flickr)

There are many free hosting web companies out there but you’ll need to look around in order to find one that suits your needs. It all depends on what you need from your web page hosting.
6. Make sure that the content is of high quality
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© WikiMedia (Wikimedia)

The only way to get make your website Google friendly is by checking out the content. Make sure it contains many keywords. If you’re unsure about keywords, see if your web hosting site is able to offer help – some are able to offer free tutorials – or check Google to find out the most commonly searched words linked to your niche.
7. Market your website
© .shock (Fotolia) young woman with laptop
© .shock (Fotolia)

Once you’ve gotten your own website, you’ll need to market it. There are many free options, including article marketing and video marketing. They all have their advantages and disadvantages, depending on your target audience.
8. Create links
© Andrey Kurehin (Fotolia) keyboard
© Andrey Kurehin (Fotolia)

This is the best way to let people know that you are hosting Google friendly content. Link to websites that have higher ranking on Google but which only create one way links to your website.
9. Find affiliates to market with
© affiliatesummit (Flickr) FeedFront Magazine, issue 11 cover
© affiliatesummit (Flickr)

This is beneficial if you find companies that offer products linked to your services. You could create a business link while also gaining extra income through the links. Some affiliate marketing options are free.
10. Promote your website
© Stasys Eidiejus (Fotolia) money concept, great britain pounds
© Stasys Eidiejus (Fotolia)

Promote the website to all of your friends to get business

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