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What are the features of a free Mailrelay account?

Mailrelay is a company that offers a fantastic mass emailing software, their working system allows you to enjoy a powerful programme.

Mailrelay is a company that offers a fantastic mass emailing software. Their working system allows you to enjoy a powerful programme to organise the data of hundreds or thousands of users and send frequent newsletters from an easy to master environment. They have a free account with amazing features to get started in this online marketing world.

Email marketing has quickly become a favourite marketing strategy for brands of all sizes. The ability to reach directly into the inbox of potential customers and create a direct link with them is undoubtedly an advantage that should be exploited as soon as possible, and today there are ways to achieve this without investing a single dollar.

Using a company like Mailrelay, which offers a free online email marketing software, you will get the expected results. Its operating system starts with quotas that admit up to 20 thousand people, while it is possible to send up to 80 thousand emails month after month.

When someone starts a digital business, they may not feel confident about any aspect of it and, therefore, moving forward with the possibility of creating a free mailing list becomes a great plan. Mailrelay offers this possibility and a lot of benefits that are associated with your free account.


There are no half-measures here, they offer real support that users can access through different channels to get the most out of it. At the moment, they have telephone, email, WhatsApp, email and even chat support channels.

This is a very differentiating element when compared to other services because customer support is one of the most expensive services and almost no other software offers this possibility in their free accounts or, if they do, it is for a very limited period of time.

Advertising-free emails

For those who do not want their subscribers to recognize that they are using the free version of a particular email marketing software, the safest way is to use Mailrelay because they do not allude to this in any of the parts that make up the message.

In other words, each email will present the visual elements that the brand has decided on without any added logos, emails or links that could alter the proper functioning of the email.


Who doesn’t find that autoresponders are a great way to engage with new people on your mailing list, and that they generate very little work because everything is pre-programmed?

With Mailrelay it will be possible to enjoy this advantage by making very simple automations that will make the communication with the potential customer work without the need to be behind the computer screen 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Newsletter Editor

For those who do not have much knowledge about design or programming and refuse to use digital tools out of fear, the Mailrelay newsletter editor will be a great advantage because it uses a friendly graphical interface and very easy to master where it will be possible to sort all the elements just by dragging and dropping them in the right place.

To master this process, it is a good plan to watch the free tutorials to get the most out of each of the elements that are available.


When working in email marketing, one of the main aspects that must be mastered is the use of statistics. With statistics, it is possible to evaluate the behaviour of a given campaign and act in order to improve or change what did not work very well.

In Mailrelay, the free accounts have advanced statistics that allow you to measure two of the main factors that are decisive: the open rate of an email and the percentage of clicks that people made on the calls to action placed inside the email. In addition, you can export them to study them in more detail and make some decisions.

Subscription forms

Having forms available where people can enter their data and thus have an email marketing list is essential in all this work. In Mailrelay, the subscription forms are available to embed them on any website and enjoy them. These can be modified according to certain parameters to meet the exact conditions that everyone wants.

A/B Testing

The use of A/B testing is one of the best ways to get winning results when launching an email marketing campaign. These tests help to evaluate two models of the same email content that vary in specific aspects, such as the headline or calls to action.

So, what is done is to send model A to a small portion of the subscribers on a list and model B to another small portion. The results obtained with each of the models are evaluated, and the one that obtained the best results is the one that is chosen to send to all the remaining subscribers. This is a very efficient strategy to increase the chances of success.

For all types of users

One of the best features of this email marketing software is that it is useful for all types of users. Those who have never used this type of tool before, will be able to move forward with little difficulty and those who already have experience, will be able to execute the processes they have planned more quickly.

There are some other aspects worth mentioning, such as the fact that they allow several people to work through the same account, so it will be very useful to facilitate the work of marketing teams. In addition to that, dedicated IPs can also be purchased if you want to advance the use of the tool with this feature.

Choosing the best email marketing software will give added value to any campaign that you are going to set up, especially if you want to validate an idea before investing resources. With all the free gifts that Mailrelay offers in its free account, it is more than clear that it is the best option on the market.

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