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Discovery of a city of 3400 years: the “Pompeii of ancient Egypt”

An important discovery in Egypt: a city that archaeologists call "Pompeii of ancient Egypt".

Discovery in Egypt

A wonderful discovery: “Pompeii of ancient Egypt”. That’s how the experts call it, because it has managed to preserve itself magnificently despite all the years spent underground.

“Pompeii of ancient Egypt”: the discovery

Archaeologists have discovered in Egypt a city dating back to about 3400 years ago, when he reigned Amenhotep III.

The city took the name of “Pompeii of ancient Egypt” just for being almost perfect after so much time.

But how did the discovery happen? Archaeologists had been at work since last September because they were looking for a funeral temple near Luxor.

But while they were digging, they found mud bricks. They continued to work until they found an entire city, perfectly preserved for centuries. They called it the “lost city of gold of Luxor“. The city walls were almost intact, the rooms with colorful ceramics and objects such as jewelry and ceramics. There are also remains of statues and furnaces to produce ceramics and glass The bricks still had the seal on Amenhotep’s cartouche! Archaeologists said that some walls are up to three meters high.

Peter Lacovara, director of the Ancient Egyptian Heritage and Archaeology Fund, stressed the importance of such a discovery. All this is also useful to become aware of what the Egyptians have achieved thanks to a wealthy ruler like Amenhotep III.

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