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Bob Dylan to be celebrated in 2022 with a museum in Tulsa

It is set to prove Dylan's contribution to culture worldwide.

American folk singer Bob Dylan

With more than 100,000 artifacts belonging to the American singer Bob Dylan, the three-storey museum in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which is set to open in 2022, will mean to honor the folk songwriter for his contribution to culture all throughout the world.

Bob Dylan’s Museum in Tulsa to open in 2022

That means that visitors from all around the globe will be able to enjoy the most popular versions of his tunes, such as “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right”, along with valuable pieces like lyric manuscripts, film performances, common and uncommon pictures of him and even his musical instruments.

The exhibition of almost all the belongings of the American folk songwriter will be possible because they were purchased by the George Kaiser Family Foundation and the University of Tulsa in 2016 after being sprawled for five years. All this meaningful content will be organized in a permanent exhibition, as well as part of temporary and even traveling shows throughout the world.

Bob Dylan’s museum in Tulsa pays homage to Woody Guthrie

The Bob Dylan Center will be open in Tulsa to celebrate Woody Guthrie, one of Dylan’s strongest influences.


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