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How to make money on the internet

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© Images_of_Money (Flickr)
Take paid surverys
How does it work?
One of the best money making ideas is by doing paid surveys. These only take a few minutes to fill out and you can earn anything between 50p and £50 for participating.

There are plenty of websites that you can sign up to, including Opinion World, Panelbase and Valued Opinions.
Some of these will work on a point system, which are converted into money while others receive direct payment.
The more surveys you do, the more money you will get.
Affiliate marketing
If you already have a website, then you can look at using affiliate marketing.
This is great to add onto your blog or personal website to earn a little extra income while you are doing something that you are enjoying.
This is also a great way to get more traffic to your business website.

There are a few things that you need to bear in mind when it comes to affiliate marketing.
The first is that you should only affiliate with products that are related to the niche of your website. You should also be upfront about the affiliate deals to encourage people to trust you.
Advertising revenue
Make money through advertising
Revenue share is becoming very popular and is something else that can easily be added to any website, whether personal or business.
You can generate income by signing up to programs that will placed advertisements on your site.
When somebody clicks on an advert, you gain an income. This will not help you make money fast but it can help to generate a side income for savings.
This also depends on how much marketing, promoting and networking you do.
Foreign exchange
Final word
This has become very popular method to generate more income than through the stock exchange.
There are many possibilities with foreign exchange due to so many different trading platforms – these differ in their capabilities with different levels of experience when it comes to the world of foreign exchange.
Again, this is not a get rich quick scheme and it takes some practice. It is, however, worth it when you could eventually earn thousands each month.

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