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A review of a PUR water filter


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Facts about PUR water filters

Types of PUR filters

PUR offers a selection of water purification filters that include refrigerator water filters, water pitchers, faucet water filters and counter-top dispensers.

What makes PUR filters work?

Contaminants are reduced, if not removed completely, by an activated carbon micro-filter.

Water trickles through the filter and leaves the parts that you do not want to consume stuck in the carbon filter.

Positive points

The PUR(R) 18 cup water dispenser has some beneficial qualities:

Better water flavor

Like all of the companies’ filters, the 18 cup dispenser reduces sediment and makes the water taste better by reducing chlorine taste and odour.

Healthier due to reduced contaminants

Users will also be protected from chlorination by-products and agricultural and industrial pollutants.

Ease of use

The 18 cup dispenser’s slim design fits on your counter-top or in your refrigerator. Filling the 18 cup dispenser is also simple with its pop-off lid for easy filling.

Negative points

Like anything in life, the news about PUR filters, including the 18 cup dispenser, is not all positive. The main disadvantages of this filter are:

Cost of replacement filters

With filters that protect between 40 and 100 gallons of water before replacement, if you have a large family or simply drink a lot of water, the cost of filters can be a drawback.

Not completely pure

PUR filters reduce but do not remove 100 percent of contaminants. Chlorine, microbial cysts, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals and industrial waste have been found in drinking water supplies. Carbon filters do not remove all contaminants.

Breaking potential

It can be difficult to maintain your grip when holding a wet, heavy and water-filled container. The PUR(R) 18 cup dispenser does not have handles and if it hits the floor, the plastic can shatter.

Final thought about PUR water filter

Some models of PUR water filters are designed to dispense sugar-free flavours, so if you prefer flavoured water, look for the PUR® Flavor Option Faucet Water Filter or the PUR® Flavor Option Water Pitcher.

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