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How to choose glass cake stands

© cowbite (Flickr) Cake
© cowbite (Flickr)
Cake stands are essential to presentation

The cake stand will be last thing on the minds of most people, when they are planning their next casual birthday bash, formal function, or fabulous wedding.

It is actually one of the most important things to consider for a beautiful, disaster-free event.

The main purpose of the stand is to support the cake. Selecting a stand, which can handle the weight of the cake is necessary. It prevents the cake from being destroyed during transportation, or toppling over if someone or something bumps into the cake displays.

Glass cake trays and tier stands often feature fantastic designs, and edges, with many colours, patterns and styles to showcase your cake. They can be crystal clear, coloured, tempered glass, pressed glass, etched and feature gold edging or an antique nickel base.


Before browsing cake stands, think about the size, design, and kind of cake the stand will be supporting. The stand should match the size, and style of the cake.

A detailed, decorated cake and cakes with multiple layers demands a taller pedestal. A short pedestal is suitable for a cheese cake or one layer cake.

One inch in diameter between the stand and the cake is appropriate for the sake of appearance.

Putting wax paper on the stand, before placing the cake on it, is useful to ice the cake neatly. When you are done, carefully pull the wax paper out of the cake and place it on the stand.

Occasion and theme

The cake stand should suit the theme of the event. A formal occasion, such as a wedding, will likely require a grander stand.

A simple cake plate is fine for casual party cakes. Cakes can be expensive, so the stand has to support the weight of the cake. Glass stands will generally hold the weight of the cake, due to their strength and durability.
A cake stand for everyone

Cake stands come individually, or as part of a collection and offer the advantage of keeping for use and display in the years to come.

Many come with cake stand domes for protection. A glass cake stand, boasting a gorgeous design or stunning detail, shows off a simple cake perfectly.

Many glass cake stands are dishwasher-safe and easy to care for. Glass cake stands can be ordered online, or custom from silverware manufacturers. They are available for any budget or preference.

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