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How to get pregnant?

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Determine your ovulation
Ovulation has an essential role when you are trying to conceive. Every month, woman’s ovaries release an egg, which travels to one of the fallopian tubes. This is the highest fertility period, as well as the best time to conceive. If you want to find out when you are ovulating, you should consider the following methods.

Basal body temperature
Take your temperature before you get out of bed in the morning. Ovulation usually increases your basal body temperature with less than one degree. Write down the readings and draw a graph every month. This way you should detect a pattern in your ovulation. The most fertile period is two or three days before ovulation. However, beware of false signs. An increased temperature might occur if you have influenza.

Changes in the cervical mucus
During ovulation, the cervical mucus (vaginal secretion) increases its quantity and becomes thinner and slippery, resembling egg whites. Some women may notice the difference, but there are some tests that monitor the urine LH hormone, which is found in urine 24-36 hours before ovulation. This method is more efficient than others because it is based on clinical trial.

The calendar
You should write down when your period begins and when it ends. This will help you determine when ovulation occurs. For example, if you have regular periods and your cycle usually has 28 days, your fertile period will most probably begin 14 days after your first period day.
How to maximize fertility
Fertility and conception go hand in hand. If you have problems conceiving, you should make some changes in your life style in order to increase your fertility. Maintain a normal weight, eat a balanced diet, limit caffeine and alcohol and stop smoking.

Give up caffeine and cigarettes!
Caffeine increases the risk of endometriosis, which is a well know cause of infertility. Smoking affects the period of time the egg is ready for fertilization and accelerate premature menopause.

Stop intense physical effort!
Women who overdo intense aerobic exercises might experience a stop in ovulation. Doctors usually recommend having a 3 month break from any exercise that increases heart rate, if you want to get pregnant.

Ideal weight
If you’re too thin or too fat and you do not have optimal weight, you are likely have irregular periods and a decreased frequency of ovulation. It is recommended to have a body mass index between 24 and 30.

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