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How to remove freckles?

How to remove freckles? Homemade and permanent methods to get rid of it.

how to remove freckles
how to remove freckles

Freckles are not a sign of ill health like headaches or fever. They are simply areas of the skin with more melanin than in other parts of the skin. Removal of freckles is only done for cosmetic reasons. There are a number of ways to reduce the appearance of freckles or to remove them completely.

How to remove freckles?

There are a number of tried and tested home remedies for fading freckles that have been used for many years. These include lemon juice dotted on the freckles, sour cream rubbed on the areas of concern, and the use of fruit face masks containing apricots, strawberries, cucumber, and red currant. It is important to remember, however, that none of these remedies will remove freckles, they will only temporarily fade them. Anyway, there are more permanent methods of freckle removal.

Do fade creams work?

Some people go down the road of using certain creams to get rid of freckles. Skin lightening creams or bleaching agents are sometimes used, however they can result in a blotchy appearance around the freckles, causing them to be more apparent than before.

Is there a freckle removal cream?

There is evidence that using prescribed creams with Retinol-A in them can help to remove freckles, but this can take some months, and patience is required.

Laser freckle removal

The only assured way of removing freckles is by getting laser removal. This process involves a green laser being directed at the freckles, removing them from the skin. This process can be uncomfortable, even painful, and you may experience some facial bruising for a couple of weeks afterward. However, after this, you will be freckle free!
Other surgical treatments include chemical peels and dermabrasion. These need to be considered carefully and discussed thoroughly with a health professional. However, they require a long recovery time and can cause scarring.

Prevention of freckles

If you know that you are prone to freckles, there are a number of ways through which you can avoid increasing their visibility. The main culprit affecting the exposure of freckles is the sun. Important: always wear sun cream with an SPF of 30 or more.
Wear a wide-brimmed hat and avoid the hottest part of the day to give yourself the best chance of keeping your freckles at bay!

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