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How to cure headaches?

How to cure headaches? There are different treatments for different types of headaches: here are the most reliable.

how to cure headaches
how to cure headaches

The headache is discomfort that affects many people and there are a large number of types.They are caused by or can cause numerous diseases, such as fever. How to cure headaches is a serious problem, which can be chronic and much more difficult to get rid of it, unlike freckles.

Type of headache

Migraines Symptoms

Migraines are characterized by a blinding, one-sided headache that is usually accompanied by nausea. In 15% of cases, a sufferer will experience what is known as an ‘aura’ before the headache strikes. This can take the form of numbness down one side, visual disturbances, difficulty with speech, and often a highly acute sense of smell.

Sinus headache symptoms

Sinus headaches are usually accompanied by a feeling of being congested and of your face feeling sore, especially around the eyes. They usually occur on a daily basis.

Chronic headaches

Chronic headaches are usually a dull, constant pain and are the name given to unspecified headaches with no obvious cause. They can be caused by a number of things including a dehydration headache, overuse of painkillers and not getting enough sleep or having an unhealthy diet.

How to treat your headache

Treatment for Migraines

For a lot of people, taking simple painkillers and laying in a darkened room is enough to remedy a migraine. For others, the frequency and severity of their migraines mean that they must take a group of medications called Triptans both to treat and prevent the migraines occurring. You should visit your doctor if your migraines are affecting your ability to function day-to-day and they will discuss the use of preventative medication with you.

Sinus headache cure

Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics to clear up any infection in your sinuses, as this may be causing your headaches. If this is unsuccessful there is a range of nasal sprays that can offer relief from this type of headache.

Chronic headache relief

These types of headaches can be caused by a number of factors. Make sure you are drinking at least eight glasses of water every day, and that you eat properly to avoid headaches caused by a drop in blood sugar levels. Overuse of painkillers can cause this type of headache, and you shouldn’t take painkillers for longer than 3 days without going to the doctor for a proper diagnosis.

More serious headache causes

The chances of any headache being caused by a tumor, or bleeding in the brain, is minimal. However, if you experience a very sudden and excruciatingly painful headache, never experienced before and which makes you feel totally disoriented, you should call an ambulance.

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