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Italian people: Riccardo Patrese, taking a spin with a formula one husband

As we said on Monday, going to an Italian football match, notably that of Inter at Milan’s San Siro, is a lesson in the Italian character and body language in particular.
Anything from the hands behind the head in exasperation, one outstretched arm indicating a “you can go to hell incredulity”, there’s almost more entertainment to be had from the crowd than the game itself.

Today though, we give you this great visual that reveals some of what we’re trying to get at.
This video was passed to Blog Dolce Vita from eurocarblog.
com, and shows Riccardo Patrese, former Formula One driver, who gets himself a spin with Honda at the Jerez track in Spain after 15 years of a break.

Only that after, he took his wife for a drive in this Civic Honda.
The video captures her reaction perfectly, and is a comprehensive lesson in the Italian language, albeit the less complimentary aspects of it.
Riccardo is “tranquillo” as they would say in Italian, his wife is a more nervous, and with good reason.
See after the jump for a summary of what goes on.

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