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The world's most disappointing tourist attractions: the Spanish Steps in Rome

This is probably old hat news by now, but there are some destinations in Europe, around the world and in Italy that don’t live up to expectations.
Apparently one of these is the Spanish Steps in Rome.
According to professional backpacker Ben Groundwater, “it’s hard to get excited about a flight of stairs”, and he’s possibly right.

Often dubbed one of Rome’s most romantic destinations, the Spanish Steps also appeared on a UK Telegraph list of disappointing tourist attractions last year.
Taking a look at the pics on Flickr of the Spanish Steps, it seems a spot better for people watching than taking in the sight of a few stairs.

What is it that people expect to see on encountering the Spanish Steps in Rome, and why are they disappointed? What are some other Italian tourist attractions that don’t quite live up to the hype (I could mention the Bridge of Sighs in Venice, especially as it’s currently half-covered with scaffolding with an enormous blue advertisement destroying the Venetian panorama)?

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