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Music in Milan: bell tower concerts recorded

Among the many curiosities of films and videos of Milan, this one is certainly unique.
A campaign is underway to document and record the bell towers of Milan.
In the video above you can see and hear a bell tower concert for five bells in C major (from Bartolomeo Bozzio in 1755) at the church of San’Ambrogio in Milan in 2007.

Saint Ambrosius is the patron saint of Milan and the church is extremely important in the city.
A You Tube user has also created a personal channel while collecting various videos taken of bell tower concerts around the city.
Given the comments, there seems to be a following in Milan for this unusual music, along with some vast knowledge about the bells.

After the jump is the bell tower of Santa Maria Rossa at Crescenzago ringing before Angelus, produced by the foundry of Carlo Ottolina of Seregno.
For more information, have a look at the Federazione Campanati Ambrosiani site and the Campanologia site.

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