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Funny video: Fiat Panda gets a garage

In this hilarious video, we see how an old Fiat Panda is the perfect car for those challenged by their garage situation at home.
It’s not strictly speaking a funny Italian video, because we’re somewhere else in the world, but for me it shows just why this legend in Italian motoring still holds a place in many an Italian man’s heart.

The old Fiat Panda, particularly the 4×4 version, is perhaps the most versatile car on the planet and second (or third) hand, old cars still sell for a heap of money in Italy.
If you had a white one, the only way to describe it would be as a “washing machine”, because they’re about that size and shape.

Check out the video for yourself to see just why this is the perfect car if you have a tiny “garage”.
As a footnote – if you’re buying a house in Italy, you will soon learn that the word for garage is “box” and they really mean it.
You will get a rude shock if you’re expecting any kind of palatial garage that will fit everything from lawn mowers to Christmas decorations to tool boxes, as well as your actual vehicle.

The garage in this video, while not in Italy, is well and truly a “box”.

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