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HRC pulls out all stops, Gresini becomes all official

Yesterday at the Monza racetrack, Team San Carlo Honda Gresini officially presented their 2011 team and confirming their continuing sponsorship with snack food company San Carlo, who is celebrating their 75th anniversary this year.
Besides the usual positive words by riders Marco Simoncelli and Hiroshi Aoyama, Fausto Gresini who turned 50 recently, confirmed that their team is now 100% factory backed.

So not only will Marco Simoncelli continue getting the official equipment (he’s on HRC’s payroll not Gresini’s, since he moved up to MotoGP in 2010) but also his team mate Hiroshi Aoyama (Honda continuely pins their hopes on a Japanese rider) who has been testing a satellite RC212V with excellent results, will also be getting factory goodies.

With five factory riders Honda has pulled out all stops (and to hell with waning sells and cost saving measures) and wants this last MotoGP 800cc title to be theirs.

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