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L'Aquila to host contemporary art exhibition "Re-place"

After the awful earthquake which hit the Abruzzo region in April 2009, there are now signs of recovering and the most interesting ones come straight from the world of art.
In fact from 6 April an important event dedicated to contemporary art will take place in L’Aquila; an event which will involve both young local artists and well known figures of the art world here in Italy.

The curator Pier Luigi Sacco and the artist Mario Airò have meaningfully chosen April 6th to inaugurate the exhibition which, among other things, will highlight the artists’ thoughts and reflections on the disastrous quake which brought the city to its knees.

The exhibition called “ Replace” (which is part of the project Il buio è singolare, le luci (anche) plurali Airò) is the fruit of a collaboration with the Academy Of Fine Arts in L‘Aquila; the illuminated installations and artworks on display will focus not only on the open wounds of the city and its altered landscape but also upon the future which is just waiting around the corner.

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