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Autumn in Italy: the National park of Abruzzo

The Parco nazionale d’Abruzzo or National Park of Abruzzo which was established by royal decree in 1923 is the oldest park in Italy and has always had a fundamental role in the preservation of species such as the Italian Wolf, chamois and Marsican Brown Bear.

For years the chamois has been in danger of extinction and only now thanks to the park and nature lovers, the species seems to have come out of the wood.

So if you a nature lover, you will be glad to know that during the autumn Wildlife adventures organises excursions into the park and its green secrets.
For instance you will be able to take a walk down the famous Deer path and hear the male calling his mate.
The excursions usually take place over the weekend.
The offer by Umberto, a skilled guide (and mountaineer), includes a night’s stay at a local inn, two excursions and lunch on Sunday for only 135 euros per person.

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